News from Room 12, Junior Infants

Junior Infants Room 12 had a busy first half term, settling into big school. We had visits from the fire engine, started Aistear (which we LOVE!) and learned how to hold our pencil properly.

Our Halloween party was great fun. We all had great costumes and they were even a little scary! At the party we played lots of fun games. We wrapped each other up as mummies, played bowling with pumpkins and toilet rolls, fished for spiders in the sand using tweezers and played pin the wart on the witch’s nose!

Aistear – The Three Little Pigs

For the last two weeks we’ve been busy with Aistear, all about the three little pigs…we tried to build houses from straw, sticks and bricks- it was tricky! We had the puppet theatre where the big bad wolf made an appearance!  We painted the big bad wolf’s hairy face with forks and we had a great chat about the different rooms in houses and all the different uses of objects in our home. We had great fun!

History – Digging for photos

November is history month in Holy Cross and Ms. Cully brought in lots of artefacts that belonged to her Nanny.  She brought in her favourite toys from when she was a little girl and even brought in a photo of her as a baby to put with our photos!!

Ms. Glynn allowed us to go on an artefact hunt, digging in sand for pieces of a photo that we had to create, like a jigsaw. We had so much fun and made a BRILLIANT mess!!!! 

Science & Aistear–The Hospital

This week we began learning all about the hospital, what happens when you visit there and how the secretaries, nurses and doctors help the patients. We even pretended to have a hospital in school with Ms. Glynn. We also built a hospital and had many emergencies with Miss. O’ Connor.  Mr. Beglin and Mrs. Briggs taught us new games and all about healthy and unhealthy food. We had lots of fun.

We also drew around each other’s bodies and saw that we are all different shapes and sizes!

History – Artefacts

On the way into school this morning, Ms. Glynn found an abandoned suitcase with a message from Grandad Joe telling us that Granny Kitty had confused all the new and old things in the suitcase and asked us to sort them out! We learned that Granny Kitty and Grandad Joe didn’t have cds or lights like we have. Things were very different . 

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