October News from Room 12

Maths Week

For maths week Junior Infants went on a maths trail outside. We found shapes, numbers, tall poles and short fences. We had a great time with Mr. Beglin, Mrs. Briggs and Ms. Cully.

This time in Aistear we were looking for and working on ‘Signs of Autumn’. On the first day, some of us went outside with Mr. Kindlon to look for signs of Autumn. We saw leaves that had fallen off the trees, their beautiful colours and we spoke about the Autumn weather! With Mr. Beglin, we went outside and learned how to plant bulbs. Poor Mr. Beglin had to work very hard digging! Mrs. Briggs played rhyming word games with us with our poem Whisky Frisky and we did lovely Autumn art with Ms. Cully, scrunching tinfoil like the crunchy Autumn leaves and painting in Autumn colours.


Cutting can be tricky! In Junior infants we’re learning how to hold the scissors properly, with Tommy Thumb up and Peter Pointer outside the handle! We’re getting the hang of it! Practice makes perfect!


Junior Infants had a visit from Amanda who works for the ESB. She explained to us that now the mornings and evenings are darker we need to make sure that people can see us if we are out and about. She gave us a vizzy vest each and asked us to wear it whenever we can, even during the day. We wore them on our green schools action walk and got to bring them home then. We could be seen from far, far away.

She also explained to us how important it is to keep away from electricity wires and poles. She showed us danger signs and pictures and explained what each one meant. We learned lots. Thanks for visiting Amanda!

Hallowe’en Fun

We celebrated Hallowe’en in room 12 too! 


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