News from Junior Infants, Room 12

We started Aistear a few weeks ago. For the first two weeks, we discussed the topic ‘Myself’ at every station.  In one group, we looked at ourselves in mirrors and learned about body parts we didn’t know we had like ear lobes and nostrils!! We drew ourselves then…masterpieces! In another group, we drew our school, home and town and then built them, in pairs. At the third station, we used playdough to create ourselves! We had great fun! At the last station we found our first initial and printed it. We also got to handprint in paint! It was super messy but super fun! We LOVE Aistear!

We’ve learned lots about autumn over the past few weeks. Some boys and girls were very busy at the weekends finding conkers and beautiful Autumn leaves.  We learned all about autumn colours. While following our new colouring rules, we coloured in some autumn leaves and Ms. Cully taught us how to use our scissors. It’s important to keep Peter Pointer outside to help control our cutting and keep our ‘thumbs up!’ We were very busy and VERY careful!

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